Forced circulation systems


\r\n\r\n122-1\r\n\r\n122-2\r\n\r\nIntelligent heater systems\r\n\r\nForced circulation systems use electricity to power pumps that move liquid through to systeA forced circulation system is more flexible but also more complex than a thermosyphon system, because it needs a pump and a controller. A forced circulation system can be operated as pre-heater or cover the whole Solar King demand if its equipped width a supplementary heater (e.g. an integrated electric heater or gas burner). A well designed forced circulation system shows the same high and reliable performance as a thermosyphon system.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nForced circulation systems are most common in Europe. The forced circulation makes it possible to separate  the tank and the collector as heat transfer fluid is pumped between the tank and the collector. That means the tank can be placed inside the building or even in the cellar, which often makes it easier to integrate solar system.\r\n\r\n1. Boiler\r\n\r\n1a. Single serpantine  boiler\r\n\r\nSingle serpentine boiler is fed only one heat source. If any heat source will be not integrate to the system, this system should be selected. In this case the heat source will be only solar collectors.\r\n\r\n1b. Double serpantine  boiler122-3\r\n\r\nDouble serpentine boiler can be heated the water by using heat from two different heat source. One of serpentine is uses solar collectors for heating in this system. The other serpentine can use another heat source for heating the water.\r\n\r\n2. Collectors\r\n\r\nOnly the collectors are using out of building. They can be used in different sizes according to heating capacity. The collectors must be suitable for the boiler capacity in the system.\r\n\r\n3. Pump group\r\n\r\nThe pump group provides the circulating water from collectors to boiler. Also it has own safety appliances.\r\n\r\n4. Control group\r\n\r\nIt’s the most important unit in this system. Control panel is commented to the pump system about turned ON,OF .  while measuring the temperature of boiler and collector. when the collectors temperature is more 7 degrees from the solar serpentine temperature , the circulating pump turned on , when the difference temperature arrived 4 degrees pump will be off\r\n\r\n \r\n
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